Your home, built-to-order. 

Custom housing developments. No construction financing necessary.


Choose your house from the most comprehensive catalog of prefab home models. 

Decide where you want to live. We've preselected  locations with a variety of price points and features.

Let us handle the dirty work. We'll build your house in the community of your choice. 

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Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homes are precision-built in climate controlled conditions and then shipped to the home site for assembly. As a result, these homes are more energy efficient, built faster,  and cost less than their site-built counterparts. 

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Find Your Dream House

Select from a vast array of prefab home models. Whether you're looking for a tiny cabin or a luxurious escape, we've gotcha covered.

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Move on from the Big City

Our locations are selected for their livability. We're building home developments in places that are both breathtaking and close to modern amenities.  

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How It Works

We're taking an entirely new approach to home development. You decide what you want, where you want it, and then we build it. Not the other way around. 


Determine your budget

This will guide your search in selecting a home and location that fall within your budget.


Select a house model

Dig into the details of each home model. Checkout the cost breakdown,  floorplans, images and more.


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Imagine yourself in our prospective communities. Browse images, features, nearby attractions and more.


Schedule a consult

We build a community once enough interest is generated. Schedule a brief call with us so we can better understand your needs.

Our Approach


Based on your selections we calculate the total cost of your finished home. To ensure commitment we require a 5% earnest payment before construction begins.

Land acquisition and permitting

Once enough presales are made in a given locality we put an option on a parcel of land and begin the permitting process. Once the approvals are made we purchase and subdivide the land. 

Land and utility development

The plots are allocated and building pads are built. Working with local municipalities we install sewer, water, electric and cable/internet. If a municipal utility is not available we provide a reliable off grid solution.

House delivery and installation

The selected houses are delivered and installed within the same time window to save on equipment and labor costs. Then landscaping and finish work is completed. The remaining payment is made and we give you the keys.

Join the movement

Availability is first come, first serve. Join—invite your friends and family—and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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